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We are providing high quality seeds production and services

Quality and performance

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An historical seed production area

An exceptional region

We are one of France’s leaders in seed propagation and service provider to breeding companies.

We have been establishing strong relationships with seed-producing firms worldwide for almost 45 years. We are producing many hybrid and OP varieties, for a total of nearly 70 international firms.

A complete package

We make use of a region with a worldwide reputation for its climate and for the expertise of its growers.

By drawing on an enormous network of experienced propagators, we are able to produce seeds for more than 50 species of field crops or more specialised herbs.

The range of services we provide is one of the most extensive in the market.

Terrena handles your seed batch from the field all the way to delivery to your customers.

After obtaining certification on seed production and processing on July 3rd by ECORCERT, Terrena Semences received its firts production of bread wheat and triticale at Beaufort-en-vallée.

These 2 species will pave the way for many others in the future (maize is also expected for September 2017 - setting alfalfa and vegetables for 2018 ...).

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Vegetables and florals species

We multiply hybrids or OP in fields or tunnels. Our network counts 250 growers.

Hybrid corn and Sunflower

Our team grows maizes and sunflower for nearly 45 years, and counts 5 technicians and 1 production manager.

Cereals, Proteins and Fodder crops

Spread over our whole territory, the seed production of field crops are provided by a team of 5 technicians and 1 production manager.

Our booking contracts

Our vegetable-seed production team also maintains and produces a several varieties of vegetable peas.


Privacy, Quality, Safety and service are our 4 commitments

We give you an assurance of complete confidentiality regarding the genetics entrusted to us

Let's improve the potential of your genetics

Disinfection, priming, film-coating and pelleting.

Terena Seeds offers a wide range of customized solutions.

Check out our industrial services

Size grading, bagging, storage and logistics, Terrena Seeds have a wide range of industrial services to suit your needs.