Olivier Deffontaines, a professional beekeeper, welcomed the technical vegetable team for a morning of exchange on beekeeping, bees and pollination. 

Les Ruchers de la Maulne (Cathy and Olvier Deffontaines) breed nearly 900 bee colonies in the La Maulne valley with 2.5 FTEs and commercialize their products in local distribution channel (direct selling, producers' store). Olivier, after presenting us his beekeeping exploitation, has made us discover or re-discover the life of an apiary, from the fertilization of the queen, the nucleus, the brood expansion, the swarming,... to prophylaxis needs, behaviors, risks (intoxication, predation, paratism,...): what is better to understand the issues between pollination, pollen gathering and beekeeping, and honey production. 

The issues of link between apiculture and seed multiplication revolve around 3 key points: 

  • Provide for bee with a continuous feed source: water, pollen(protein) and nectar(carbohydrates).
  • Respect the colonies by offering therm a favorable environment (localization, agricultural practices...).
  • Communicate proactively between growers and beekeepers. 


Offering a wealth of learning opportunities, the Terrena Semences team thanks Oliver and Vincent for their professionalism and pedagogy. This first meeting initiates the development of our "Happy-culture". This will involve growers communications on the topics of GAP, apiaries reception, linking growers/beekeepers and participating various experiments...