On Thuesday, June 14th, we welcomed a delegation of APSA (The Asie & Pacifique Seed Association) at the Beaufort-en-vallée seed station as part of their "Vegetable Seed Production & Management Study Tour to France".  

This tour proposed to members aims to discover the vegetable seed production and management in France. L'APSA offers regularly "Study Tours" to improve the knowledge of its members and develop the capacity of their companies. Therefore, they were able to discover the recent technical and technological advances of the French seed industry, in particular, through the various industrial tools of our station. 


On the morning program : 

  • Presentation of Terrena Semences and its service provider business, by Xavier Carrion (Seed Director).
  • Focus on vegetable seed production, presented by Antier David (Vegetable & Flower Manager).
  • Visit of the station, led by Etienne Lenoir (Industrial Manager). 


This tour was an opportunity for members to discover the diversity of our businnes. They were also able to apprehend our majour concern, namely, the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our seed customers.