Terrena Semences

In the heart of the Anjou

Our intimate historic involvement with seeds

50 years

Terrena Semences is in the heart of the Anjou region, where there is a long history of seed production, and our development of new varieties there goes back almost 45 years.

13 000 ha

Seed producers from all over the world have shown their confidence in us year after year, and we now devote 13 000 hectares to high-quality seed production.

550 growers

A real strength of Terrena Semences is our network of propagating firms, comprising over 550 specialist growers. 

What we are committed to

Terrena Semences is committed to the four priorities of confidentiality, quality, safety and service.

We give you an assurance of complete confidentiality regarding the genetics entrusted to us, with Terrena Semences not undertaking any selective plant breeding. Our task is to serve your needs by providing a wide range of services, in the field or industrially.

For each service we offer, we work on a daily basis to ensure quality and security, thus promoting long-term collaboration.

Recognised quality

A key factor for Terrena Semences is the quality of the seeds we produce.

Our teams work on this on an everyday basis, from sowing to the delivery of batches for sale.

We validate our industrial processes in collaboration with leading players in the world market, to ensure we are always offering high quality and reliability.

Terrena Semences has adopted a Dust Quality Plan, certified by ESTA (European Seed Treatment Assurance). This is a European system for quality assurance relating to treatments for seeds.

These activities have been endorsed by ISO 9001 certification since 1998. Going beyond that standard, Terrena has established its own system for quality tracing. Each operation is referenced in our internal procedures, and recorded.