3 devoted sites

Our industrial resources

Terrena Semences has three sites devoted to seed transformation:

Vern d'Anjou

This site is mainly devoted to cereal crops and protein plants.

Beaufort en Vallée

This is one of the largest production sites in Europe, able to sort all types of seeds. Also on the site are our administrative offices, laboratory, R&D and seed technology department.


This site is devoted to cereal crops, including maize.

Looking at all of the sites, Terrena Semences has :


m² of cold-store facilities


treatment & bagging lines, with one devoted to handling delicate seeds such as dwarf beans.


sorting lines for small seeds, with one devoted to sorting delicate seeds such as dwarf beans.


high-volume optical-sorting machines, with one new-generation model able to sort all types of seeds.


of thermal insulated storage facilities.

Our storage facilities enable us to provide this specialised services:

Seed drying is wholly carried out by our own organisation, using the 50 MW drying installations on our premises. We control the moisture content of our batches very precisely, right from when they are harvested, thus providing an assurance of quality and grading under optimal conditions.