Terrena Semences stands out with a comprehensive, compartmentalized and differentiating offer which responds to your evoling expectations

R&D and Production

Terrena Semences relies on a network of more than 550 experienced production farmers. We are involved in the maintenance of varieties and parental lines and the production of commercial seeds.

Our teams follow production from the tilling of the soil to the harvest. They help and advise farmers to make sure you have the best quality and yield.


Our high-tech equipement which is ISO 9001, ESTA and PQP certified and found in three factories, allows us to have a high quality service renowned in sorting, calibration, certification and packaging.

The technical competence of all our teams allows us to optimise more than 50,000 metric tons of seeds from more than 50 species each year. 

Seed technology

Our sizeable investment in R&D has enabled us to master innovative seed technolgies which means we have a true expertise in the desinfection process and the coating and pelleting of seeds. For these purposes, Terrena Semences has a dedicated, high-capacity, industrial unit.

Our objective:
To support you in the increasing performance of
your genetics.
To work together to finalize your projects !

Supply chain

Terrena Semences brings you their experience in all procurement logistics.

We support you every step of the way: Storage, International deliveries, dealing with returns (Re-certification and delivery).

We are working on improving our tools, which in the future will allow for even closer collaboration thanks to real-time order tracking.